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We Help Solar Business Owners And Contractors Generate Leads and Verify Booked Appointments!

Elizabeth from Solarworks went from 80k to 140K in 90 days working with us

Melissa and her brother doubled their sales in just 3 months working with us

Thank God I listened to that voice in my head telling me: Give it another shot”. You guys are amazing.

Our Vision

Start Receiving More Appointments So You Can Install More Solar Panels

The Old Way

  1. Making outreach to a significant number of shared potential clients and putting in the effort to successfully secure a bidding opportunity.
  2. Asking friends and family for referrals.
  3. Working with marketing agencies that don’t deliver on their promises or get you “leads” that might lack interest or intent.

The New Way With Raise Solar

  1. Working with Raise Solar and getting 10 or more qualified appointment bookings with a guarantee.
  2. Having great quality appointments booked and brought to your team. that are exclusive to you!
  3. Automated generation of unique, qualified, local appointment bookings that are exclusive to you

Our Services

Demand First-Rate Best Services

Lead Generation

Lead Machine generates a list of highly qualified prospects for businesses to attract new members, users, or customers. It emphasizes safe traffic, saves time and money, and delivers customized results for improved business success

Web Design

A professional website design is key to building trust and establishing a strong online presence. It creates a positive first impression and sets your brand apart from competitors. Investing in quality design leads to potential new clients.


Creating a digital brand represents your company and connects you with customers and clients. Our team develops a unique brand that showcases your services and sets you apart from the competition. 


Consultations with us offer more than advice - they offer a partnership for business success. Our team provides relevant information, analysis, and forecasting, and works with clients as trusted partners to achieve their goals.


About Us

Streamline your appointments with our innovative system

Raise Solar is a nationwide provider of customer generation services for solar companies. It was founded by serial entrepreneur Rajko, who designed the marketing system over 10 years with the goal of helping businesses scale and grow. Using this system, Rajko successfully grew 4 startups in unrelated niches and generated over 50 million dollars in revenue. Today, Raise Solar continues to help companies achieve growth through its proven end-to-end marketing system.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Yes! We have helped jumpstart many companies by starting them with Raise Solar. It gives them an instant advantage over established companies who struggle to get clients using traditional methods. Raise Solar provides qualified appointments, not just leads.

Social media advertising can be highly effective, but it requires a lot of trial and error to get right. Many companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars testing various ads to determine what works and what doesn’t. However, with us, you don’t have to take that risk. Our team has already done the research and has a proven process that delivers results. So you can rest assured that your advertising investment will pay off.

With a customer success manager, a team of proven leaders, and full-exclusivity in your area, you will be lined up to install more roofs than ever before.

You do need a Facebook Page and TikTok account, and the good news is that creating both only takes 5 minutes. Regardless of the number of followers you have on Facebook and TikTok, our guaranteed 30+ bookings in 3 months still applies.

Our performance guarantee reduces risk and ensures success. With hundreds of thousands spent on advertising in numerous states, we have firsthand experience entering new markets. Trust in our proven service that has successfully entered hundreds of unique markets.

Having a team of professionals and a roster of 100+ similar businesses is what ensures your company’s success in joining us. We want you to become a loyal customer, grow our service, and in turn grow your business. Everybody wins and that is why we can guarantee results.

Our customer relationship management (CRM) system is specifically designed to streamline the follow-up, cultivation, and booking processes for clients. The user-friendly interface is both efficient and low maintenance, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to streamline their processes. Additionally, our CRM can be seamlessly integrated with your existing system, ensuring a smooth transition and maximum compatibility with your current processes.

Click the button below and book a call! We will let you know if your area is available and if it is, we will walk you through our system!


The great news is that after you claim your area, we can create and launch your customized system in 7 days or less!